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Hello and thanks for connecting!!

We hope you can find everything you need. Raw 4 Ur Paws is focused on providing high-quality, human grade, raw food for your dogs and cats. We do everything we can to meet your expectations and answer any questions about this most natural way to feed your furever friends.

Mother Nature NEVER gets it wrong!!

Available in a range of menus and sizes, our raw diets are easy and fuss free; just defrost and serve.

You will see the difference in your pet within days; shiny coat, white teeth, less 'doggy smells', less poop, reduced vet costs, and.........on average, a pet fed on a raw diet can live up to 3 years longer!! Doesn't your best friend deserve that???

Huge Sardines 

Only $4 lb

House Blend

Chicken 40%, Red Meat 20%, White Fish 20% Cooked Eggs 5%, Organ, Tripe & Bone 15%

Only $2.40 lb 

Chunky Mix

Chicken & Bone 50%, Red Meat 20%, Fish 20%, Heart + Organs 10%

Only $2.10 lb

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