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Big Country Grab 'n Go Cases

181b or 12lbs of premium food for a great price

Big Country Chicken Dinner

Ground chicken with bone, beef liver, fruit and vegetable puree. Garlic and kelp.

Big Country Beef Dinner

Beef Offal Meat, Pure Beef Meat, Fine Ground Beef Bone, Fruit & Veg.

Big Country Turkey Dinner

Whole Ground Turkey (meat and bone), 5% Offal, 10% Fruit and Vegetables, Garlic, and Kelp.

Big Country Pure Chicken

100% Ground chicken with organ & bone.

Big Country Pure Turkey

100% Ground turkey with organ& bone

Big Country Breeder Blend

Pure ground chicken, offal meats, beef tripe

Big Country Turkey, Salmon, Lamb

Ground Turkey (meat & bone) Ground salmon (meat & bone) Lamb offal.

Ground Chicken & Bone

Available without packaging, this cost effective frozen ground food is a winner with all dogs.

We have many other varieties available. Just ask!!!

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